IPO Allotment Tips – How to Increase IPO Allotment Chances

When we looked at most of the highly subscribed IPOs IPO Allotment Tips  we found some common questions like (I have not been allotted shares in any IPO ) “I have not got allotment in many applications”, “Why am I not getting IPO allotment” Last 5 IPOs”. It is quite clear that in high subscription IPOs, only the lucky ones get the allotment. Let us talk about how you can increase your chances of getting an IPO allotment.

IPO Allotment Tips

Till now, I have applied to more than 20 IPOs, and out of them, I have got an allotment in 12 IPOs. You must have seen in some IPOs that people who apply through only 1 application also get IPO allotment while some People apply for IPO in large numbers but still do not get allocation. From this scenario, it is clear that the IPO allotment process is automated and only the lucky ones can get allotment in the IPO. In this article, we have brought some tricks and tips that will help you a lot in getting an allotment in a good and highly subscribed IPO. These tips will help you a lot in increasing your chances of IPO allotment to 100%.

Let’s talk about the IPO allotment process

According to SEBI, if the IPO is oversubscribed after October 2012, the allotment of shares in the retail category is done on a proportionate basis. In case of over subscription if someone is applying for Rs 1,50,000, Rs 2,00,000, or Rs 2,50,000 then the stock will be allotted as per the lottery system. The one with a higher subscription amount will be allotted the same stock. The basis of allotment will be the same for all applicable bids. As per the current guidelines, there will be no allotment below the minimum bid lot size.

How to increase chances of IPO allotment 

We advise you to follow the steps given below before applying for an IPO which will increase your chances of getting IPO allotment in an oversubscribed IPO.