Upcoming IPO in India 2024 Latest IPO (Mainline IPO)

Upcoming IPO in India 2024 Latest IPO (Mainline IPO)

Upcoming IPO in India 2024 : If you are also looking for the list of IPOs coming into the stock market of India in 2024, then below is a list of all the new IPOs that can come soon in the IPO market of India. The list of upcoming IPOs includes those companies that have filed their DRHP and RHP with SEBI, soon the IPOs of these company are expected to hit the primary market in the coming months of the year 2024. Don’t forget to subscribe to these Best IPO to buy this week.

Upcoming IPO in June 2024

Here is the list of upcoming IPOs in June 2024. The current IPOs open this week are Dee Development LTD, Ixigo LTD, Kronox Lab Sciences LTD., and GPES Solar LTD Stay Tuned For the Latest IPOs & Stay Invested in the Primary Market. The List includes names of Upcoming IPOs in 2024 in India That already Filed DRHP With SEBI & a few of them also got SEBI Approval to Float an IPO.

Upcoming IPO Date Size Prize
Polymatech Electronics Soon ₹- ₹-
Hyundai Motor India Soon ₹25000 Cr. ₹-
Sanstar 19-23 July ₹510.15 Cr. ₹95
Bansal Wire Industries 3-5 July ₹745.00 Cr. ₹256
Emcure Pharmaceuticals 3-5 July ₹1,952.03 Cr. ₹1008
Vraj Iron and Steel 26-28 June ₹171.00 Cr. ₹207
Allied Blenders and Distillers 24-26 June ₹1,500 Cr. ₹281
Stanley Lifestyle 21-25 June ₹537.02 Cr ₹369
Akme Fintrade 19-21 June ₹132.00 Cr. ₹120
Dee Development 19-21 June ₹418.01 Cr. ₹203
Ixigo 10-12 June ₹740.10 Cr. ₹93
Kronox Lab Sciences 3-5 June ₹130.56 Cr. ₹121
Awfis Space Solutions 22-27 May ₹598.93 Cr. ₹364 - ₹383
Go Digit Insurance 15-17 May ₹2,776.31 Cr. ₹258 - ₹265
TBO Tek 8-10 May ₹1,150.81 Cr ₹875 - ₹920
Aadhar Housing Finance 8-10 May ₹5000 Cr. ₹300 - ₹315
Indegene 6-8 May ₹1,841.76 Cr. ₹430 - ₹452
JNK India 23-25 April ₹300 Cr. ₹395 - ₹415
Vodafone Idea 18-22 April ₹18,000.00 Cr ₹10 - ₹11
SRM Contractors 26-28 Mar ₹130.20 Cr. ₹200- ₹210
Bharti Hexacom 3-5 April ₹4275.00 Cr ₹542 - ₹570

What is an IPO?

IPO means an initial public offering of a company, in IPO any company or promoter offers its shares to the public for sale with the help of IPO. Any company has to prepare its DRHP with SEBI for the public offering of IPO to change its identity from Private Limited to Limited. For any IPO, DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) and lastly RHP (Red Herring Prospectus) has to be filed. Before any company can launch IPO, SEBI gives approval to the companies for the initial public offering of their IPO, after that any company can proceed to bring its IPO. After the RHP document submitted by the company, any investor can easily invest in any IPO with the help of UPI or net banking from your stock broker’s app.

Which IPO is open today / Which IPO is coming soon?

The Upcoming IPO this week is Dee Development LTD in June 2024.

Which are the best Upcoming IPO in 2024 in India?

The upcoming IPO in India in 2024 are Tata Technologies, Paras Defence And Space Technologies LTD, Latent View Analytics LTD, Sigachi Industries Ltd, & More. The Upcoming IPO list Might include few more names after the market Regulator in SEBI’s Approval.

Can I apply for IPO without a demat account?

Till now SEBI has not made any rule that any person can apply for IPO without a demat account. If you want to apply for IPO then you must have a valid demat account.

Important Note for Investors :

  • The date of any new IPO is based on internet or news paper and newspapers, so the date of IPO may vary.
  • We just give you a detailed information about the upcoming IPO. We do not buy or sell grey market premium or stocks for any IPO in any way.
  • Current and latest IPO information is based on SEBI DRHP filed by the companies. The date and time of the upcoming IPO listing of DRHP may be different.
  • For correct and accurate information, you can check NSE and BSE IPO information.

How to subscribe for IPO?

You can apply for IPO in different ways.

UPI App :- You can apply for IPO through your demat account app like Groww App, Angel one, Zerodha Kit, and other stock broker apps, as soon as you confirm your payment through your UPI app, your IPO will be applied.

ASBA :- To apply for IPO, you have to log in to your bank account. Fill in the details of your demat account number, PAN number and IPO bid details etc. and submit your application.

Stock Broker :- You can also apply for IPO offline, you have to call your stock broker and fill an offline form and submit it to the broker.

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