Macobs Technologies IPO Allotment Status Online

Macobs Technologies IPO

Macobs Technologies IPO Allotment Status Online: Macobs Technologies IPO is Open on 16 July, 2024 and Close on 19 July, 2024. Macobs Technologies IPO to Raise 2,595,200 shares (Approx ₹19.46 Cr) via IPO. The Fresh Issue of 2,595,200 shares (Approx ₹19.46 Cr).

  • The Retail Quota is 35%
  • QIB is 30%
  • NII is 35%

Macobs Technologies IPO Basis of Allotment Status on 22 July, 2024. Macobs Technologies IPO Refund Date is 23 July 2024 and Macobs Technologies IPO Credit to Demat on 23 July 2024.

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About –

Macobs Technologies

Macobs Technologies operates within the male grooming industry, specializing in the niche area of below-the-belt grooming, and conducts its business exclusively through e commerce channels such as our website, without maintaining physical stores or a traditional retail footprint.

This focus addresses a significant gap in the market, particularly in regions where discussion around such aspects of personal care is often limited. We offer a range of products specifically designed for men’s grooming needs, encompassing tools like specialized trimmers for sensitive areas, hygiene products tailored for male skin, and a variety of self-care

These products are developed with a commitment to innovation, safety, and effectiveness, catering to the unique requirements of their target demographic. Beyond its product range, Our Company is dedicated to educating and changing societal perceptions about male grooming, primarily leveraging online platforms. This involves creating and sharing content that promotes awareness and open conversation on topics traditionally considered taboo. The company’s approach is deeply customer-centric, focusing on understanding and meeting the evolving needs of its consumers through digital engagement and feedback mechanisms.

Business Process

1. Product Sourcing (Import):

  • Identify and select international suppliers for raw materials and finished products.
  • Finalize purchase orders and arrange for the import of goods.

2. Inventory Management:

  • Receive imported goods at a central warehouse.
  • Conduct quality checks and inventory stocking.

3. Product Listing and Online Presence:

  •  Create and update product listings on the company’s e-commerce website and other online marketplaces.
  •  Optimize product descriptions and images for online visibility.

4. Digital Marketing and Promotion:

  •  Engage in digital marketing activities to promote products online. This includes SEO, content marketing, social media advertising, and email campaigns.
  •  Offer promotions, discounts, and special offers to attract customers.

5. Customer Order and Payment Processing:

  • Receive and process customer orders through the e-commerce platform.
  • Manage payment transactions securely.

6. Order Fulfilment and Shipping:

  •  Pick, pack, and prepare orders for dispatch from the warehouse.
  •  Coordinate with courier services for domestic and international shipping.

7. Customer Service and Support:

  •  Provide customer service, including handling inquiries, feedback, and after-sales support.
  •  Manage returns and exchanges as per the company’s policy.

8. Data Analysis and Feedback Integration:

  •  Analyze sales data, customer feedback, and market trends for insights.
  •  Use this analysis to inform future product development and marketing strategies.

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