Popular Vehicles & Services IPO GMP Today, Grey Market Premium 2024

Popular Vehicles & Services IPO GMP Today, Grey Market Premium 2024

About Popular Vehicles & Services –

How Much GMP Price Popular Vehicles & Services IPO today?, live Grey Market Premium Kostak rates today live Popular Vehicles & Services IPO Now . Subject to sauda rates today, Popular Vehicles & Services IPO as of today Subject to sauda rates kostak.

Popular Vehicles & Services is to open on March 12, 2024. Popular Vehicles & Services is a Mainline IPO to raise Fund ₹601.55 crores Via IPO. The Popular Vehicles & Services IPO Price Band is Fixed At ₹280 to ₹295 With a IPO Lot Size of 50 Shares.

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About Popular Vehicles & Services Data Like –
  • John Paul Kuttukaran is the CEO of Popular Vehicles & Services and Popular Vehicles & Services was founded in the year 1983 and has just completed 40 years in operation.
  • Popular Vehicles & Services in Engaged with integrated Automotive Dealership.Popular Vehicles & Services Limited (“Popular Vehicles & Services” or “Company”), belongs to the diversified Kuttukaran Group, operating multi-brand automobile dealerships in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. We are among the top six dealerships in India, in terms of sales by volume, as of March 31, 2023, with respect to each of our passenger and commercial vehicles dealerships.
  • Founded by the late Shri. K. P. Paul, the Group launched the Company in 1984 as one among the first batch of Dealers appointed by Maruti Suzuki in India. Over the years, the operations were scaled up across Kerala and Chennai.
  • Popular Vehicles now operates the Fifth (Fiscal 2023) largest selling Maruti Suzuki dealership in India under the Arena network (by volume) and the Eighth (Fiscal 2023) largest selling Maruti Suzuki dealership in India under the Nexa network (by volume), as of March 31, 2023. We were ranked number one (Fiscal 2023) in the all India dealer ranking, in terms of volume of service, for Maruti Suzuki (Arena and Nexa) in the financial year 2023.
  • Popular Vehicles & Services Limited (Popular) has achieved the “Royal Platinum Band” by Maruti Suzuki for Arena Dealerships in Kerala, “Gold Band” for Arena Dealerships in Chennai and “Alpha Band” for Nexa Dealerships in financial year 2022 – 2023.
  • A Customer Relationship Center caters to customer’s needs and queries round the clock. The Company also actively connects with its Customers through social media channels.

Popular Vehicles & Services IPO GMP WITH PER LOT PROFIT

7 Mar₹ 10
6 Mar₹ 12
8 Mar₹ 20
9 Mar₹ 27 to 309%₹ 1500₹ 320 to 322

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IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP) 

Before investing money in any IPO, one should pay more attention to the fact that the IPO GMP price is very volatile, if you are thinking of investing in Popular Vehicles & Services IPO by looking at the GMP price, then your decision may prove to be quite risky. Can.

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