Stanley Lifestyles IPO Subscription Status, Rate

Stanley Lifestyles IPO Allotment Status Online

Stanley Lifestyles IPO Subscription Status: Stanley Lifestyles IPO is Open on 21 June, 2024 and Close on 25 June, 2024. Stanley Lifestyles IPO to Raise 14,553,508 shares (Approx ₹537.02 Cr) via IPO. The Fresh Issue of 5,420,054 shares (Approx ₹200.00 Cr) and the Offer For Sale is 9,133,454 shares of ₹2 (Approx ₹337.02 Cr).

  • The Retail Quota is 35%
  • QIB is 50%
  • NII is 15%

Stanley Lifestyles IPO is an Mainline IPO and Listed on BSE & NSE. Stanley Lifestyles IPO Price Band is Fixed at ₹369 Equity Share. Stanley Lifestyles IPO Lot Size is 40 Shares.

About Stanley Lifestyles IPO :

  • Stanley Lifestyles are India’s largest super-premium and luxury furniture brand. We design, manufacture and retail our products through our own network of pan-India stores.  we are among the top four Indian super-premium and luxury furniture manufacturing company in India that is completely integrated, possessing the ability to manufacture our products and distribute them through our own network of retail stores.
  • Our integrated model provides us with the ability to have complete control over our processes, ranging from procurement of raw materials, designing our products, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, and ultimatelysale of our products.We offer customers bespoke products by leveraging the skilled craftsmanship of our employees. Our employees possess expertise across various processes that we deploy as part of our operations which include leather marking, cutting, carpentry, sewing and stitching, metal work and polishing. 

Stanley Lifestyles IPO Subscription Status, Rate bid times

Inv Category Shares Reserved No. of Shares bid for No. of Times (Subscription)
Qualified Buyers (QIBs) 29,10,702 62,75,98,200 215.62
Non Institutional Buyers (NIIs) 21,83,026 26,50,58,240 121.42
SNII 7,27,676 6,60,44,880 90.76
BNII 14,55,351 19,90,13,360 136.75
Retail Individual Buyers (RIIs) 50,93,728 9,72,03,920 19.08
Anchor Investor 43,66,051 43,66,051 1
Total 1,01,87,456 98,98,60,360 97.16

Stanley Lifestyles Subscription Status day-by-day-

Categories 21 June 24 June 25 June
QIB 0.29 0.71 215.62
NII 2.12 9.06 121.42
RII 2.10 6.31 19.08
Total 1.60 5.30 97.16

Stanley Lifestyles Investor Categories

  • Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB).
  • Non- Institutional Investors (NII).
  • Retail individual Investors (RII).
  • Employee (EMP).
  • Others (Eligible Shareholders).

Who Is QIB In IPO?

QIB Stands For “Qualified Institutional Buyer” In The Context Of An IPO (Initial Public Offering). QIBs Are A Category Of Institutional Investors Who Are Considered Financially Sophisticated And Meet Certain Regulatory Criteria For Participating In Capital Markets. In The Context Of An IPO, QIBs Play A Significant Role As They Contribute To The Overall Demand For Shares And Help Determine The Success Of The Offering.

Who Is NII In IPO?

NII Stands For “Non-Institutional Investors” In The Context Of An IPO (Initial Public Offering). Non-Institutional Investors Are A Category Of Investors Who Participate In The IPO Alongside Institutional Investors And Retail Investors. NII Typically Includes High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), Corporate Bodies, Trusts, And Other Entities That Are Not Classified As Institutional Investors But Have The Financial Capacity To Invest Significant Amounts In The IPO.

Who Is RII In IPO?

RII Stands For “Retail Individual Investor” In The Context Of An IPO (Initial Public Offering). Retail Individual Investors Are Individual Investors Who Participate In The IPO Alongside Institutional Investors And Non-Institutional Investors. RII Typically Includes Individual Investors Who Do Not Meet The Criteria To Be Classified As Institutional Investors Or Non-Institutional Investors.

Who Is EMP In IPO?

“EMP” In The Context Of An IPO (Initial Public Offering) Typically Stands For “Employee.” In Some IPOs, A Certain Portion Of The Shares May Be Reserved For Allocation To Employees Of The Company Going Public. These Employees Are Often Referred To As “Employee Shareholders” Or “Employee Participants” (EMP).

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