Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO Subscription Status, Rate

Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO Allotment Status

Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO Subscription Status: Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO is Open on 3 July, 2024 and Close on 5 July, 2024. Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO to Raise 19,365,346 Shares (Approx ₹1,952.03 Cr) via IPO. The Fresh Issue of 7,936,507 shares (Approx ₹800.00 Cr) and The Offer For Sale is 11,428,839 Shares of ₹10 (Approx ₹1,152.03 Cr).

  • The Retail Quota is 35%
  • QIB is 50%
  • NII is 15%

Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO is an Mainline IPO and Listed on NSE& BSE. Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO Price Band is Fixed at ₹10088 Equity Share. Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO Lot Size is 14 Shares.

About Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO :

  • Emcure Pharmaceuticals are one of the leading Indian pharmaceutical companies engaged in developing, manufacturing and globally marketing a broad range of pharmaceutical products across several major therapeutic areas.
  • We are a research and development (“R&D”) driven company with a differentiated product portfolio that includes orals, injectables and biotherapeutics, which has enabled us to reach a range of target markets across over 70 countries, with a strong presence in India, Europe and Canada.
  • We are focused towards pharmaceutical products used in chronic (including sub-chronic) therapeutic areas. We have 13 manufacturing facilities across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Sikkim and Karnataka and the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, in India.
  • Our facilities are capable of producing pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products across a wide range of dosage forms, including oral solids, oral liquids, injectables, including liposomal and lyophilized injectables, biotherapeutics and complex APIs, including chiral molecules, iron molecules and cytotoxic products.
  • Further, our ability to manufacture our own APIs and formulations has allowed us to attain a significant degree of vertical integration, allowing us to source products in a cost-effective manner, ensure quality and security of availability of an essential raw material and protect our intellectual property. In particular, we have in-house manufacturing capabilities for most of our specialty products, including complex injectables, iron products, photo-chemistry products, chiral molecules and biotherapeutics.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO Subscription Status, Rate bid times

Inv Category Shares Reserved No. of Shares bid for No. of Times (Subscription)
Qualified Buyers (QIBs) 38,53,234 73,68,91,932 191.24
Non Institutional Buyers (NIIs) 28,89,926 14,25,25,866 49.32
BNII 19,26,618 10,57,70,490 54.90
SNII 9,63,309 3,67,55,376 38.16
Retail Individual Buyers (RIIs) 67,43,160 4,96,18,884 7.36
Employee 1,08,900 9,59,756 8.81
Total 1,37,03,538 92,99,96,438 67.87

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Subscription Status day-by-day-

Categories 3 June 4 June 5 June
QIB 0.07 0.97 191.24
NII 2.78 13.97 49.32
RII 1.46 3.53 7.36
Employee 2.34 4.92 8.81
Total 1.34 5.00 67.87

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Investor Categories

  • Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB).
  • Non- Institutional Investors (NII).
  • Retail individual Investors (RII).
  • Employee (EMP).
  • Others (Eligible Shareholders).

Who Is QIB In IPO?

QIB Stands For “Qualified Institutional Buyer” In The Context Of An IPO (Initial Public Offering). QIBs Are A Category Of Institutional Investors Who Are Considered Financially Sophisticated And Meet Certain Regulatory Criteria For Participating In Capital Markets. In The Context Of An IPO, QIBs Play A Significant Role As They Contribute To The Overall Demand For Shares And Help Determine The Success Of The Offering.

Who Is NII In IPO?

NII Stands For “Non-Institutional Investors” In The Context Of An IPO (Initial Public Offering). Non-Institutional Investors Are A Category Of Investors Who Participate In The IPO Alongside Institutional Investors And Retail Investors. NII Typically Includes High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), Corporate Bodies, Trusts, And Other Entities That Are Not Classified As Institutional Investors But Have The Financial Capacity To Invest Significant Amounts In The IPO.

Who Is RII In IPO?

RII Stands For “Retail Individual Investor” In The Context Of An IPO (Initial Public Offering). Retail Individual Investors Are Individual Investors Who Participate In The IPO Alongside Institutional Investors And Non-Institutional Investors. RII Typically Includes Individual Investors Who Do Not Meet The Criteria To Be Classified As Institutional Investors Or Non-Institutional Investors.

Who Is EMP In IPO?

“EMP” In The Context Of An IPO (Initial Public Offering) Typically Stands For “Employee.” In Some IPOs, A Certain Portion Of The Shares May Be Reserved For Allocation To Employees Of The Company Going Public. These Employees Are Often Referred To As “Employee Shareholders” Or “Employee Participants” (EMP).

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