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TBI Corn IPO Allotment Status Online

TBI Corn IPO GMP Today in the Grey Market is Not Available at The Moment. Investors are Advised to Closely Monitor Market Trends and consult Reliable Sources for the Most up-to-date Information. It is important to Exercise Caution and Conduct Thorough Research Before Making Any Investment Decisions.

About TBI Corn IPO-

How Much GMP Price TBI Corn IPO today?, live Grey Market Premium Kostak Rates today live TBI Corn IPO Now. Subject to sauda Rate today, TBI Corn IPO as of today Subject to sauda rates kostak.

TBI Corn IPO is to open on May 31, 2024. TBI Corn is a Mainline IPO to Raise Approx ₹45 to ₹47 Crores, 50,00,000 Shares Via IPO. The TBI Corn IPO Price Band is Fixed At ₹90 to ₹94 Per Every Share With a IPO Lot Size of 1200 Shares.


About TBI Corn Data Like –
  • Yogesh Laxman Rajhans is the CEO of TBI Corn and TBI Corn was founded in the year 1999 and has just completed 24 years in operation.
  • TBI Corn Offers A Diverse Range Of Products, Including Cleaned And Fat-Free Corn Grits/Meal, Corn Flakes,Stone-Free Broken Maize & Corn Flour And Turmeric Finger, All Manufactured Without Chemical Additives Or Preservatives And GMO-Free. Our Products Play For Crucial Role In The Breakfast Cereal, Snack, Brewery, Confectionery, Bakery, And Biscuit Industries Both In India & International Market.
  • Apart From ISO Certifications, We Hold Certificates From MSME, APEDA, And Are Both Indian Organic And USDA Organic Certified. We Have Expanded To Multiple Units In MIDC Miraj, Occupying A Total Area Of 15,812 SQMT (1,70,200 Sq. Ft.) And Equipped With Modern Machinery.


What is TBI Corn IPO GMP Today?

The TBI Corn IPO GMP Today is ₹0.


What is TBI Corn IPO Sauda Price Today?

The TBI Corn IPO Sauda price Today is ₹0.


TBI Corn IPO GMP With Per Lot Profit

7 June ₹73 ₹167
6 June ₹68 ₹162
5 June ₹52 ₹146
4 June ₹52 ₹146
3 June ₹90 ₹184
2 June ₹86 ₹180
1 June ₹86 ₹180
31 May ₹97 ₹191
30 May ₹97 ₹191
29 May ₹82 ₹176
28 May ₹0 ₹94
27 May ₹0 ₹94
26 May ₹0 ₹94
25 May ₹0 ₹94



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IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP) 

Before investing money in any IPO, one should pay more attention to the fact that the IPO GMP price is very volatile, if you are thinking of investing in TBI Corn IPO by looking at the GMP price, then your decision may prove to be quite risky. Before investing in a new IPO, you should have good knowledge about the business of the company. It should be your decision whether to invest in TBI Corn IPO or not and not by looking at the GMP price of the IPO.


Grey Market Premium (GMP) is the price at which an IPO is traded in an informal/unregulated manner before getting listed on the stock exchange. GMP price in the gray market reflects the price at which a company’s IPO is listed. Going to do. A good GMP premium/price gives you an indication of how much profit the IPO will make upon listing. Rather, if the GMP premium of an IPO is negative, then one should avoid investing money in that IPO.


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